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LynCo\\\\\\\'s durable LD C-22 Casing Head is a straight bore casing head which accepts either the LD C-21 or the LD C-22 Casing Hanger.  These hangers can be lowered through blowout preventers to suspend pipe up to the joint strength of the pipe.

There are two standard types of casing connections with the  LD C-22 Casing Head. These are the female casing thread connection or the slip-on weld connection with a one-half inch \\\\\\\"O\\\\\\\" Ring seal on the inside of the casing head.  These casing heads are furnished with two 2\\\\\\\" lp outlets. If larger outlets are needed, they can be furnished.

The straight bore design reduces maintenance cost and allows suspension of heavy casing loads.  When using test plugs and bowl protectors, the straight bore prevents wedging when pressure is applied.

When using bowl protectors in Casing Heads, two lock screws can be furnished in the upper flange (LD C-22-BP) or LynCo will supply a hold down flange with lock screws.